DR MAGNETO.AI was founded by 4 enthusiastic Engineers majoring in Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics with vast amounts of expertise spanning disciplines such as Magnetic Design, Power Electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Programming among them.

The Company is registered in UK and primarily focuses on Research and Development to develop Design Optimization Tools to help with Magnetic Designs.

The primary motivation behind setting-up DR MAGNETO.AI is to help the industry over-come the challenges faced in the sphere of Magnetic Design with the use of Technology.

Technology and magnetic design

Technology adoption in Magnetic Designs has been historically slow compared to other Engineering disciplines even though there have been several advancements in recent years. There are still certain challenges and limitations that prevent the widespread adoption of some technologies in transformer design. Here are a few reasons why technology may not have been fully adopted in transformer design:

  • Cost: The cost of adopting new technology can be a significant barrier to its adoption, particularly in an industry with a history of low profit margins. The development of new technology may require significant investment in research and development, as well as new manufacturing processes and equipment.
  • Limited Testing: Transformer design often requires extensive testing to ensure reliability and performance, which can make it difficult to adopt new technologies quickly. This is because the testing of new designs is often time-consuming and can require a significant amount of resources.
  • Complex design requirements: Transformers have complex design requirements, including requirements for insulation, cooling, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression. These requirements can make it challenging to integrate mathematical models into transformer design.

DR MAGNETO.AI expects to help over-come these challenges faced by the Magnetic Design industry with the planned improvements to the Application with the up-coming release cycles. So await for more good things to come your way !!

Top Management

Dr. Kapila Warnakulasuriya
Initial Concept Provider
Vajira Dhanapala
Gayan Wickramasinghe
Chief Executive Officer
Gayashan Porawagamage
Head of AI